The Pretentious Elephant In The Room

As I sifted through the many booktubers, I’ve noticed this strong YA presence. Not to say that it’s a bad thing but a lot of these booktubers are close to my age (early twenties). Anyone can enjoy whatever genre to their liking, and I guess it shouldn’t matter as long as people are reading books…..

I just remember reading Twilight before it was a pop cultural phenomena. I was thirteen and I still remember the horrible disappointment I felt when I finished the book. I remembering feeling as though it talked down to me. It was so dull and uninspiring. Twilight is the sole reason I left YA behind at an early age. The next book I sought after was Memoirs of A Geisha and I never looked back. I started taking up adult contemporary and getting my hands on anything I saw in the book section of Walmart.

I guess ‘leaving YA behind’ is a huge exaggeration on my part. I did pick up YA books but they never quite satisfied me? In my personal opinion, YA doesn’t challenge the reader. That could partially be why it’s so popular. Most YA books are easy reads. I finished Twilight in a day. I finished Evermore in a day. Every YA book I picked up, it took me no time to finish it. It was like gobbling up tons of information. Useless and mindless information. TLDR: I think YA is soulless and lacks depth. Not all YA books but the vast majority from my experience.

That all being said, I’m still very shocked to see adults who read things like The Hunger Games, Twilight, etc etc and think it’s ground breaking literature? Maybe I’m overthinking it all and it really just all boils down to personal taste.

Booktubers I’m currently into:



Libby Stephenson



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