Undermajordomo Minor~ My Review



Have you ever felt like a book was written specifically for you? As though the writer secretly knows and creates a story that perfectly fits with who you are? That’s exactly how I felt after reading Undermajordomo Minor.Patrick DeWitt’s writing embodies everything I love about story telling. His sense of humor is amazing. I could feel fragments of my personality lifting off the pages. Now the story didn’t make any social nor political statements of the sort,so you’re probably wondering why I hold it so personally. It’s Dewitt’s try at a dark fable. It felt magical and it mirrored a lot of Tim Burton-esque storytelling. I could totally see Burton getting a hand on this and immediately feeling compelled to adapt it into a movie.

I have no complaints about this book. Nothing about it bothered me in the slightest. Even the random ballroom scene with the salami. I embraced it just as much as I embraced the rest of the book. However, I would like to personally ask DeWitt WHY he wrote it and if it really had any significance that I missed.Simply to hear his answer. Hoping that it would be just as witty and hilarious as his writing.

This book doesn’t necessarily fit in a genre? Lucy Minor is a teenager but this book has no YA elements and the ballroom scene definitely solidifies that. I do think anyone 17+ can enjoy this book. It’s really whimsical despite how dark it is.

TLDR; Go read this book. It was the best two days of my life and I was so sad when it ended. I’m proud to have it in my collection and DeWitt has immediately become one of my favorite writers.


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