A Court Of Feels And Misery (ACOMAF Review)


Do I simply enjoy my guilty pleasures? Have I come to terms with being a sucker for vapid romance? Sarah J. Maas isn’t a perfect writer by any means. She recycles phrases (everyone loves to vomit and rip things to ribbons) and she has this tendency to describe things in threes. Without commas. She substitutes them with an abundance of ‘ands’. Surprisingly, to my elitist horror (yay for self awareness) the flaws with this book did not take away from the story. Maas is actually an amazing story teller and I hope one day she will step out of the New Adult/YA genre and write for us grown women (haha if 24 is really grown??).

A Court of Thorns and Roses was swiftly redeemed by A Court of Mist and Fury. It was the best 600 pages of my life. I went in seething, absolutely HATING the immediate flip of Tamlin, but the more I read, the more I understood and I absolutely ADORE Rhys. HOWEVER I wish in ACOTAR Feyre and Tamlin had interacted just as much as Rhys and Feyre interacted in ACOMAF. I get what Maas is trying to do. She’s not creating a love triangle and this pleased me. Feyre grew as a person. She grew out of Tamlin, but I think having more Feyre and Tamlin in the first book would’ve made the transition less blunt and forced.

I don’t know how to feel about the complete Tamlin 180 either. We got so little perspective on him in ACOTAR that I find myself really not caring about Feyre leaving him. I don’t care about him as a character at all, which makes me sad considering he was Feyre’s ‘first’ love or whatever. It made the ending very jarring.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, so far Tamlin seems really misunderstood? Maybe Maas plans to give us some insight on him in the third book coming out this year. I’m not trying to excuse his actions. Rhys deserves Feyre. I don’t want her back with Tamlin, but I kinda need closure.

Maybe he’s just incredibly delusional and insane. Clearly he is weak. He literally sat there while Feyre was being tortured to death to save him. He sold out for a woman who made it VERY CLEAR that she didn’t want him. What the fuck happened to Tamlin guys….I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS AND THAT ENDING WAS SO EVIL!!

I would also like to point out the not so subtle Game Of Thrones vibes Maas has going on. Her map looks a little bit like Westeros, the religious fanatics, the wall, the narrow sea…..I feel like there’s something else I’m missing.

TLDR; If you value your sanity and time. Don’t read this. It will literally consume you. I loved all of the fluffy trash in this book. I squealed the entire time. It moves a bit slow but picks up in the middle. So much fluff. So much cheese. I can’t believe I went in wanting to hate this series. I really enjoy it and Maas deserves its growing popularity. ACOMAF so far is the superior book.

My ACOTAR Casting (I’m not asking you to agree with me!!!)

Feyre: Emily Browning

Rhys: Ezra Miller

Tamlin: Jamie Campbell Bower

Lucien: Eddie Redmayne

Mor: Lily James

Amren: Christina Ricci

Cassien: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Azriel: Ian Somerhalder

Nesta: Mia Wasikowska

Elain: Lily Rose Depp

Amarantha: Eva Green

I feel like I’m missing some people >:


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