Rome In Love is a pile of garbage (Review)


Who would’ve thought that I would find a book worse than The Book Of Speculation. Never would I have dreamed that I would one day find a book worthy of one star, but I did. One star books really do exist. Rome in Love by Anita Hughes is hands down the worst book that I’ve ever read. The premise was cute. I was sold on the homage to Audrey Hepburn. I love chick-lit. So I gave it a go.

But let me tell you…..It took me a week to get through this mess. 300 pages took me a week. The writing is down-right atrocious. How the hell did this book get by an editor!? This books reads like a first draft. A collection of ideas that needed to be fleshed out.

She saw this. She saw that. She remembered this. She remembered that.

And the creepy emphasis on everyone having creamy white milky skin……

I should’ve played a drinking game for every time someone saw something, or remembered a thing. Hughes’ writing reads like a long check list. A slow train wreck. The story was so unimaginative. Sure the premise was kinda cheesy but it could’ve worked. But nope. One dimensional characters and one dimensional writing ruined it.


They didn’t even read like actual fucking letters. Nobody writes letters like full story narrations.

The passages switched settings so often, I would get lost in where the characters were. They’d be in a hotel in one paragraph then a space break later they’re in a cafe. I’m convinced this book only had one draft. Check lists and footnotes. That’s how I can perfectly sum up Hughes’ writing.

She has a lot of published books. I wonder if they all read like this. I won’t be making any efforts to find out. I will never in my life pick up another book by Anita Hughes.

I also noticed that Rome in Love shares the same publishers as The Book Of Speculation.

Maybe there’s a pattern.

TLDR; Don’t read this garbage. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED BY HOW BAD IT IS THEN KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!!


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