The Devil of Nanking~ Book Review


Haunting. Terrifying. Beautifully strange and amazing. Mo Hayder has become my new favorite author. The Devil of Nanking is electrifying from start to finish. From the very first page the gore never stops. This book made me feel like I needed a nice hot shower. In a good way. The narration was disturbingly delicious, the plot never waned, and I loved how morally ambiguous the characters are.

No one in this book is a good person necessarily and I loved this the most. Every character, even the unimportant ones, have interesting layers to their personality and why they do the things that they do.

Grey, one of the protagonists is noticeably off her rocker and I cannot stress how much I love reading about warped characters. Especially from their perspective. I enjoyed Lolita for the same reason.

Chongming, survivor of the Nanking massacre and the catalyst for this story is also very interesting. I can’t talk too much about his character without spoiling the plot. Actually, it’s pretty hard to give this book a review without dropping a spoiler. Which I won’t do so I will say this. If you’re into Gillian Flynn and Haruki Murakami then this is right up your alley.

TLDR; It’s bloody, strange, and eerie. The Devil of Nanking is an experience. It’s beyond the realm of simple story telling.

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